Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Living the Laptop Lifestyle? If you haven’t then buckle up, because its about to blow your mind.


The Laptop Lifestyle, a hot and sexy term that is being thrown around a lot lately. Others refer to it as the digital nomad life, which is really just an exotic way of saying the same thing.
So, what does living the Laptop Lifestyle really mean?

Living the Laptop Lifestyle simply means that instead of working or running a business from an office, you do it remotely from anywhere using your laptop. In other words, it’s a business model that revolves around the internet and all you need to get going is a laptop and a Wi-Fi, literally!! Hence the term “The Laptop Lifestyle”.

So you can only imagine that with this remote nature of a Laptop Lifestyle comes a lot of flexibility. I’m talking not only geographic flexibility but also time flexibility to work whenever you want, whether that be at 6 am or 11pm.

Digital Nomad Life

Grab your laptop and surround yourself with inspiration.

For many people, including myself, that sounds like the dream lifestyle!!

Let’s talk more benefits about this Laptop Lifestlye:

  1. Geographic independence – meaning you could work, generate sustainable income and travel the world while you’re at it
  2. No boss, no fuss. You are your own boss in this Laptop Lifestyle world. Well in some instances, such as in freelancing, you might be delivering some content to a client. However, it will be up to you to choose when to show up to work. There is no 9 to 5 that restricts you. Which brings me to number 3.
  3. You choose and set your own hours! Too good to be true? Not really. There are millionaires out there living that lifestyle. You could be one if you set your mind to it.
  4. The ability to support yourself financially, while exploring passions and interests that you never had the time to because of a tedious job
  5. Time FREEDOM! Your time is yours and this lifestyle allows you to spend more quality time with the people you love. Who do you crave some more time with? Is it your partner? Your children? Parents? Friends? Pets?… the list goes on
  6. Your job revolves around your lifestyle, rather than the other way round. Which is sadly not the case for most of the 9 to 5 jobs existing out there.
  7. The aggregate effect of all the above factors means a generally less stressful lifestyle than a traditional job. Healthy mind, healthy body, happy you.
  8. All you need to get started with an online business these days is basic skills. We live in a time where accessing information has never been easier. There is an immense amount of training resources and tools that exist out there in the internet and that are accessible to you today and now.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

 A Laptop Lifestyle means more time to spend with loved ones

In my case, I was introduced to the rich possibilities of the digital world through The SFM program, which is an educational platform that can walks you through setting up an online business step by step and removes a lot of the headache from it. It has truly transformed my life in many ways.


Here are 3 of the most common business models that could support a Laptop Lifestyle:


  • Freelance work: freelancing refers to a business model that does not require you to be employed or hired by someone. You are essentially self-employed and you offer your services offline, meaning you could work for a variety of clients or as you see fit. The nature of the projects a freelancer works on could vary from few hours to a short contract to major projects. Some of the most popular areas of freelancing include: ICT, writing, blogging, translations, social media and more.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Simply put, affiliate marketing is essentially promoting other people’s products online and earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing. Simple yet extremely powerful and sustainable. Some of the top online schools for Affiliate Marketing is the SFM. An online educational platform designed by multi-millionaires Stuart and Jay, who together bring 20+ years of affiliate marketing experience. I’m personally a member of that program and joining it has been the best decision I have made in my career life yet.
  • Ecommerce: Ecommerce is about selling products or services online, and starting an ecommerce business these days have never been simpler. Companies such as Amazon and ebay are making it easier and easier for entrepreneurs to start a physical product business. All you need to do these days is find a product (unlabeled), list it for sale, send it to Amazon or ebay and they do the rest.

Mother Blogging (freelance)

A mother blogging for her client from the comfort of her own home

Keep an eye out on my blog for next week, since i will be sharing some a list of lucrative home-based business ideas that you could get yourself started with.


I am on a mission to escape the traditional corporate rat race and achieve a life of fulfillment through this Laptop Lifestyle:

Ultimately, what I want to achieve in life is escape the corporate rat race and live a life of freedom where my career revolves around my lifestyle and not the other way round. I am on the way to achieving that and I have never been closer. You can read more about my story here.

Does any of this appeal to you?

Given the several benefits and advantages that come with living a Laptop Lifestyle, a lot of people tend to think that it is too good to be true of a life scenario and therefore not even attempt to make it happen. To be honest, I perceive that as choosing to be blind because the reality is this lifestyle not that far-fetched. The laptop and digital nomad lifestyle is within reach of anyone, as long as they are willing to put the effort to attain it.

If that sort of freedom is a lifestyle that suits you, then go for it and take action, what are you waiting for? If others were able to achieve it then so can you. Here are real life stories to inspire you.



Thank you for taking the time and checking out my blog post. Have a wonderful Day.



Omar Almajali - Founder of Wake up & Escape it
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