Do you ever daydream about working from the comfort of your home? Here are 6 simple cool and achievable ideas to get you started.

For many individuals, a business to make money working from home is something that they have considered doing; however, they have not taken the time to pull the trigger, make their mark, and develop those plans.

There is a reason why home business ideas continue to be in the minds of a wide variety of people, today. It has elements that would appeal to many different types of people.

For example, it could be the woman that works hard at home but would like an opportunity to do something that would help give her praise for a job well done or to add to the family budget. Or, it could be someone that spent years in the corporate world, but he or she is looking for a means to create money at home without the corporate grind, especially as retirement age is approaching.

Mother working from home

Mother working from home

The good news is that there has never been so many home business ideas for those seeking a means of earning a side income or a living with home-based business opportunities. Here are the some of top ways to make money working from home in 2019.

1. Blogging With Affiliate Sales

Have you ever noticed that the blogs that you follow have ads on their sidebars or that they routinely talk about their favorite product for you to consider. It is unlikely that they are just sharing that interest out of the goodness of their heart.  Well that might be the case but more likely, it is because they have established an affiliate sales contract with a retailer or product for the promotion of that suggestion.

If you have an interest in writing a social need blog, that interest can turn into a means of providing a steady stream of income, as one of the most established home business ideas models through the years.

2. Freelance Writing

However, others that like writing would rather someone else take the spotlight, as long as they can make money working from home providing it. Few home-based business opportunities, like freelance writing, provides writers with such a great means of meeting this desire.

Blogging online

Monetize your blog, or write for others.

Of course, those with greater notoriety can snag a byline with their piece, but there are many online organizations that just need able bodied writers to meet the needs of content being bought by them. Those with exceptional writing ability to fill those orders can earn much for it. Are you a good writer? Then you all you need to get started is by listing your freelance profile on websites, such as

3. Homemade Product Sales

For those that would rather work with their hands to create their masterpieces, the digital age has provided expanded networks of hungry buyers for uniquely made products that appeal to the creativity of their shoppers, allowing crafters to make money working from home making them.

With the purchase of the right materials, a little loving detail work, and the right product marketing; a home business shipping out online sold merchandise might be just the outlet for which you are looking.

4. Monthly Boxes

However, if you can combine the buzz of a blog and the hand crafted care of a collection in an area of interest of shoppers, you can turn monthly boxes into being just your kind of thing.

Monthly boxes are very trendy, right now, where someone can make money working from home by using social media to drive subscriptions of boxes of food, clothing, or hobby interests to be received in the mail.

Monthly Box

An essential man kit turned into a monthly box idea

5. Virtual Life/Fitness Coach

Another of the new trendy home business ideas is putting yourself out there as a virtual life/fitness coach. This area of home-based business opportunities gives you the ability to turn your hobby or your experience into a marketable skill by recording videos and downloadable texts in areas of your expertise to assist others in achieving the same success.

6. Becoming An Influencer

Finally, 2019 looks to be the year of the influencer, among home business ideas. Companies are looking for those who have the ability to leverage their social media fanbase and influence in order to market their products to their targetted market.

As you just casually mention a product you like to your followers, this product is actually receiving the marketing sales lifeblood any company needs for the successful launch of their new creations.

Food blogger

Food blogger capturing the right moment

2019 is your YEAR of Home-Based Business Opportunities

Home-based business opportunities are not your typical 9 to 5 job, they come with geographic and time freedom advantages. You might even find yourself smiling as you DO the jobs, because home business ideas are most often found doing what you love to do.

2019 might be your time to shine and tap into the rich possibilities of our modern digital world. If the idea of starting an online business appeals to you, then the SFM Program might just be the right place for you to start.

I am personally a student of that community and platform, and through it was able to build my own online business. The experience was hassle free as I was equipped with all the necessary tools, resources and support to set me up. You can learn more about me and my business here.


Thank you for taking the time and checking out my blog post. Have a wonderful Day.



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