If you had the choice between living a life ‘sleep walking‘ and living a life of fulfillment what would you choose?

What is a life of fulfillment?

In my opinion, a person living a life without fulfillment is choosing to sleep walk. Before choosing to live a life of fulfillment, I also used to see myself as an image of a walking dead.

What is life without fulfillment anyways?

Cambridge Dictionary defines fulfillment as “the fact of doing something that is necessary or something that someone has wanted or promised to do”. That’s definitely not what I mean by fulfillment, lets just clear this out right now.

The word fulfill in the context of this blog has a much deeper meaning; it means self-realization, joy and satisfaction. Therefore, living a life more fulfilled means living a conscious life with purpose and passion, and that’s fully aligned with your higher self.

It also means doing what you love doing and being able to serve value beyond yourself while simultaneously developing the best within you.

Do you feel like you’re living the life you’re meant to live? Or do you often think to yourself “there must be more to life than what I’m living”? If the latter applies to you then you’re probably not living life as you should. You’ve got one life, and you need to live it to the fullest.

Bored woman contemplating life.

There must be more to life than what I’m living…

7 Secrets to live a life more fulfilled

According to Steven Mueller, the founder of Planet of Success, there are the 10 secrets to living a more fulfilled life, here are some of my favorites:

  1. Money, power and lust does not correlate to greater fulfillment. Otherwise, it becomes a never ending journey of seeking to acquire what’s tangible that gives you temporary satisfaction. That’s not what we’re looking for here.
  2. Love is the key to fulfillment. Fulfillment can be drawn from the support, affection and happiness that comes with healthy relationships from one’s family, friends and partner.
    Blog #8_Ways to a life more fulfilled_Mother Happy with Son

    Mother enjoying a fulfilling and a loving time with Son

  3. Freeing yourself from the opinion of others increases fulfillment
  4. Fulfillment starts from within. Nothing from the outside can truly fulfill you if you’re not internally happy. External sources might entertain us for a while, but none of them can truly keep us fulfilled for a longer period of time. Once we are able to tap into the happiness from within, that will help us discover what fulfills
  5. Pursuing your vision will truly fulfill you. What’s your “why” on this earth? Do you have a purpose? Is there something that you absolutely want to pursue on this planet? Something that is far bigger than yourself that you’re willing to fight for? If not then, then give yourself some time to try and answer these questions and find that vision.
  6. Mindfulness, awareness and self-reflection. Taking the moment to be present or self reflect allows you to be better in touch with who you truly are. One mean of accomplishing mindfulness could be through meditation.
    A man meditating

    Take a moment to be present and self-reflect.

  7. Add joy to other people’s lives. It is part of human nature to organically feel happy as we offer value, love and joy to other people’s lives. It enhances our well being and overall life satisfaction. So do more of that.

It is extremely important to take action on these tips by implementing them as practices everyday, since reading and agreeing to the above is not sufficient to experience fulfillment.

How did I find fulfillment?

I wake up every day with one purpose, and that is to live a life more fulfilled. To achieve that, I am currently on a mission and with a plan to escape the corporate rat race for good to start living life as it should.

Being a corporate hostage for many years I realized that living a life where work is a means to an end, the end being money, is the last thing I want for myself. That is living a life of misery in my opinion.

I want to live a life that is not geographically or time constraining. I want this earth to be my office. I want to be able to travel and experience new places all the time. I want to live a life spent doing what I love and with the people I love.

The good news is, there is more to life out there than what we all know, and that’s what i failed at realizing a few years ago. I thought what my idea life was just a dream, but I was clearly wrong. Everything changed once I discovered the so called “Laptop Lifestyle” that enables you to work from anywhere at anytime around the world.

Basically, your life your way. No boss no fuss.

For you to achieve that lifestyle you need the financial freedom and the viable business model to support it. This is where The SFM came along and opened my eyes to a lot. It woke me up to a reality i thought was too good to be true. But its not, and believing it’s too good to be true is choosing to be blind.

What am I talking about?

The SFM is an educational platform that has been brought together by people who have been living the laptop lifestyle for years, and making millions while at it. It is made up of a community of mentors, coaches and people who have made it in that space and are wanting to give back. It is all about masterminding and helping one another to achieve that freedom. It truly has transformed my life and many others in so many ways.


Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross, the founder of The SFM, a mentor and a multi millionaire living a life of fulfillment

If you do decide to check it out for yourself, feel free to get started here. If you get accepted into SFM, you’ll also be able to access a platform of resources, from live trainings, to interactive educational material to private mastermind Facebook Groups and much much more.

I, personally, would love to connect with you over that as well. My contact information is found right below this blog.

Are you willing to do what it takes to live a life more fulfilled?



Thank you for taking the time and checking out my blog post. Have a wonderful Day.



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